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Ask about Seller Buy Down.

Hi, I want to talk a little bit about seller buy downs
if you’re a seller and your property is slowing a bit and you
haven’t had as many showings. The great thing to offer is
a credit to the buyer to buy down their interest rate.
This will be reflected in their closing statement and their lender will take that money and reflect it as a buydown of their interest rates. This is very beneficial for buyers since interest rates are higher, and for a seller, this is going to help
you sell your property faster for a buyer.

Just so, you know, when you’re making an offer and even if the
seller isn’t offering a seller, buy down, take advantage of
this, and ask for it in your offer. You never know when this might come to you.

Your lender will reflect this in the closing
statement, and this will be credited to you, and your interest rate will be lower. Don’t forget to ask for these things. Reach
out if I can help you take care.

This market needs a guide.

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